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A Traditional Toffee Tale

  • December 18, 2017 12:49 pm
  • by: Laurie Buter

Family Tradition

Many, many years ago my parents moved and met some wonderful neighbors. They shared their faith and invited my mom and dad to their church which led to them meeting the Lord. As Mom and Betty grew close, Betty shared her recipe for English toffee. My mom loved it and began making it regularly at Christmas time. All of us kids cheerfully gave it to our school teachers, Sunday school teachers and pastors as Christmas gifts knowing they would love it as we did. Eventually, my sisters, sister-in-law and I learned to make it and have passed the skill down to our daughters.
A few years ago when Pastor Mark first started passing out $20 bills to help us begin multiplying our “talents” for the Jesus birthday offering, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit saying, “You have something good to offer, you can do this.” I was hesitant that first year and didn’t take an envelope but I did take orders for the toffee and successfully raised a nice offering. Now I gladly pick up an envelope and the orders and offerings continue to multiply. As the Jesus Birthday date approaches, I share with our children the many giving options that are available and they help choose where to designate our offering, usually something that has special meaning to them.

It has been a huge blessing to know that so many people in so many places may see a little clearer picture of Jesus because one person shared a long time ago.

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