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All About Mission

  • August 24, 2017 08:41 am
  • by: Allan Lake

Sale for Missions 2017

My wife, Lois, and I moved to Spring Arbor in late fall of 2016. We were quickly engaged with the church and became part of a community group. When July rolled around, Jane Moffitt asked us to volunteer for the Gigantic Sale for Missions. I was assigned the task of receiving goods and distributing them to Sale areas. At first the task seemed daunting and I wondered where they would put all the receivables! However, I quickly learned that the building and rooms were organized well and captains served each area expediently with clear direction and capability. It was amazing to see how smoothly the week went. 

I was impressed with the leadership. Director Carol Ann Bunnell always had a smile on her face and was eager to lead by example. I was equally captivated by all the volunteers. I saw a son working with his mom and a grandson working alongside his grandpa throughout the long days of preparation. Moreover, I appreciated the morning devotions—a reminder that we were working for the Lord.

One day, as I walked outdoors and saw the canopy protecting furniture items, I reflected upon my own marriage 53 years ago and realized that an event like this could have provided good usable furniture for my first home, with my wife, at a reasonable cost. It was great to know, undoubtedly, that some items were being purchased by newly married couples in the Jackson area which would help them establish their homes.

On the last day, as I was breaking down cardboard boxes, I saw a man and woman with two children looking at one of the remaining grills with great interest. The husband inquired about the price of the grill and was assured that they could have the grill at no cost.  As I saw how excited this family was to get a grill, I realized that the reason for the sale was all about mission, and not just the funds that will go overseas. It’s about the mission of a church that comes together, works hard, and gives back to people living around its borders—a true community church.

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