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Christmas in October

  • October 19, 2017 10:37 am

Christmas in October

On October 29, a Christmas in October offering will be received to distribute cash gifts to our missionaries who are serving throughout the world. This is a personal Christmas gift to acknowledge and celebrate the work that they do. Let’s take a glimpse at how these gifts have been used.

GARY AND JANN ALLEN, retired from Mexico
As missionaries we desired to fit into our mission culture, yet a touch of home was so important. For Jann that touch came through her books in English, which we carried with us.  Early in our time in Mexico we used the church’s Christmas gift to buy two bookcases, which we used all of our years in Mexico City.  When we retired, the books went to several people who like to practice their English.  The bookcases later went to a family who lived in a very difficult situation.  We were glad that that long-ago gift continued to serve others.

Last year we used the gift to help us celebrate Christmas with our sons in Tennessee.  We only get back for Christmas once every four years, so the gift gave us money to make some memories with them.  It was the first time we got to meet the gal that became our new daughter-in-law!

Our family used the gift toward a vacation at the Indian Ocean.

The Spring Arbor Church gift basically funds our Christmas every single year. Our missionary budget takes care of all of our needs (we never feel deprived!), but we don’t often have money left over at the end of the month for luxury items. Your gift allows us to buy and mail gifts to our stateside kids. And it usually allows Dan and me to have a weekend getaway after a fulfilling (yet stressful) year so that we can go into the new year of ministry with our batteries recharged.

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