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City of Gun Shots

  • February 13, 2017 02:21 pm
  • by: Hope Owsley, Missionary to Brazil

City of Gun Shots

In December we traveled with the Lima family to a neighboring state to spend a week in their hometown. “Tiros” (literally “gun shots”) was a gold mining town a few centuries ago. The story goes that when the miners refused to share 1/5th of their profits with the Portuguese king, the king’s armies made them cry “bullets” of tears.

We enjoyed the quaint little town and the good fellowship with our friends and their family members. Daily the house was crowded with aunts, uncles, grandparents, nephews and cousins. Some were Christians. Most were not. But all were welcome around the table for food and laughter.

Dan was asked to preach at a Thursday evening service at the Baptist church and we were delighted when many of our new friends attended the service. After the sermon, Dan invited any who wished to follow Jesus to come to the front of the church. It was a wonderful time of rejoicing when ten people went forward and six of them were from the Lima’s extended family!

Later my friend told me the second part of this story. John, one of the new converts, had bought a gun in order to kill the man who had been flirting with his wife. Because John gave his heart to the Lord that night, he gave up his plans for revenge. We thank the Lord for John’s salvation and that the city did not live up to its name.

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