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In Better Hands: Update

  • July 3, 2018 07:12 am
  • by: Seth Van Tifflin

In Better Hands

Seth Van Tifflin serves as the Asia Area Administrator and the Executive Director of In Better Hands which was created to care for children at high risk of being trafficked and for those who have been rescued from abuse or trafficking in Asia. Currently, they operate eleven safe homes in Myanmar and Cambodia.

Mark’s Story
Mark’s father died when he was very young. Mark’s mother re-married but she also died a few years later. Mark’s stepfather was the only person left ​in his life to care for him. But Mark’s stepfather severally abused him for a couple years before In Better Hands intervened on his behalf. After talking with Mark’s stepfather and convincing him to sign off his rights to Mark, we placed him in one of our loving homes. Mark now interacts with other children his age who were also rescued from similar situations. He has a long way to go in his recovery; he has many deep scars across his chest and back that remind him of the abuse he endured. Mark is learning daily about the love of Jesus and growing in His grace.

Grace’s Story
Grace was born on November 2, 2015. Early in the pregnancy, her teenage mother and grandmother left their village and made their way to a bigger city in search of a clinic to abort the baby. The In Better Hands house-mother living in this city came in contact with the young pregnant mother.  After hearing their plan for the abortion, she invited them to live with her, and the house mother said that she would raise the baby if the mother would carry out the pregnancy. The young mother agreed to this. We praise God for Grace!

David’s Story
David’s father sold his 13-year-old daughter to a trafficker for drug money. Just weeks after this, David’s mother died. Some time passed and David’s father made known that he was willing to sell David for $50. Hearing the situation and knowing that we needed to keep David safe, we paid the $50 to the father. David is still very angry with his father for breaking apart his family, but he is doing exceptionally well in one of our In Better Hands homes.

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