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It Would Be Enough

  • August 6, 2018 08:40 am
  • by: Heather Castle, Pastor of High School Ministries

Heather & Steve Castle

My heart is overwhelmed with the goodness of Jesus. I’m especially thankful for the way God uses me in small things… how He places me in the right place at the right time and prompts me to do the ordinary things, a smile, an introduction, and a laugh.

On our teen Mission Trip we stayed at another FM Church, God orchestrated a divine moment for me in the women’s bathroom. I met a little 5-year-old girl who was hiding away from the crowd of teenagers in that fellowship hall. I introduced myself, we started chatting, and at one point I asked about her daddy and mommy. She told me she couldn’t see her dad because he was in jail, and she couldn’t see her mommy because she was in heaven. I told her that my mommy was in heaven, too, and I bet they were friends. She lit up and we continued talking until it was time for her to go find her grandpa for church. I didn’t see her again that day but I found myself praying for that little sweetie each day.

When I returned home, I received an email from the pastor of that church, relating that earlier this year, that little girl’s dad murdered her mom while the kids were in the house. She and her siblings locked themselves in a room so they were safe. Her grandparents are in the process of adopting the children. She told her grandma about our conversation and asked if we could be pen pals. 

My heart is overwhelmed with praise for the God who sees us, loves us, uses us, and trusts us to be pen pals with His most precious treasures! If the only reason I spent a week in Detroit with a bunch of teens was to meet that child in the Ferndale bathroom then it would be enough. 

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