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It’s Not About Being Pretty

  • January 4, 2018 01:35 pm
  • by: Joni Frost

The Frost Family

A beloved tradition, which truly marks the start of celebrating Christmas in our home, is retrieving the nativity from our basement. The girls can hardly contain their excitement as they unveil each shepherd, wise man, or animal to add to the scene. This year, on more than one occasion, Bria, Campbelle and Lila have taken turns reading the Christmas story while the nativity characters are moved around to reenact The Greatest Story. It inevitably ends with each statue crowded tightly around the manger to catch a glimpse of baby Jesus. 

Over the years, excited little hands have created a lame goat, a deaf sheep, and a shepherd whose staff went missing for six months until the living room was deep cleaned later that summer. While I hope our nativity remains intact, the imperfections have become symbolic, reminding me of why Christ came to us; I hope and pray that allowing our children to see, feel and reenact the Christmas story gives them a clearer understanding of what Christ’s entrance into our world was all about.

Our nativity, while beautiful, certainly does not make the perfect Christmas scene, but it is clear to us that a pretty picture is not what Christ’s birth is all about.

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