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Keeping Us Humble

  • September 19, 2017 09:57 am
  • by: Dan and Hope Owsley, Missionaries to Brazil

Brazil Free Methodist Church Service

The church plant in Brasilia continues to keep us humble. Just when things are progressing, we experience another setback. Or the opposite is true. When things seem to be going badly, we suddenly get an influx of enthusiastic visitors. It keeps us trusting the Lord and not ourselves.

After a month of low attendance in June, we felt encouraged by an upsurge in July. But in August Dan received a call from the landlord asking us to move out of our building because a restaurant franchise wants to rent the whole row of stores on our block. Just when we seemed to be gaining momentum! You would think we’d be discouraged with this, but it has had the opposite effect. Because things have been taken completely out of our hands, we are resting in the Lord as never before.

We know that this is ultimately HIS church and not ours. One confirmation of God’s faithfulness has been that in our tiny congregation we “just happen” to have a lawyer and a real estate agent. These two men went with Dan to meet the landlord and were able to work out a plan for leaving the present building that would be financially beneficial to us (something Dan would never have known how to do.) The Lord provides!

Another confirmation has been that the school across the street has offered to let us meet in their classrooms until we find a new place. AND on our last Sunday, we had a full house (all seats were taken), which was a first. We are excited about all the new possibilities God has for us.

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