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Know and Be Known

  • November 16, 2017 11:41 pm


You have the opportunity to connect with others in the church family – to make friends that provide mutual care and encouragement. Perhaps you are a student wanting to have friends, a young adult facing life-changing decisions, a young mom needing adult conversations, a guy looking to be challenged by other men, or a senior citizen fighting loneliness. We invite you to consider joining one of our many groups by investing your life in community with others.

Listen to the heartbeat of the Miller’s Home Group: We have had a recent situation that has brought us together in ministry for one of our own. One of our couples has had some serious setbacks in health in the last few years. We have ministered with them and for them many times over this time period, but just recently the husband’s health took a turn for the worse. We, as a group, took an offering to pay for the carpet to be cleaned to the great appreciation of the family. With the leftover cash from our offering, we will have a birthday party for him, as he is now in memory care, and our people are visiting him.

We also have the great blessing within our group, of having three people who are each mentoring and discipling another person in the group.  And best of all, one member has grown to the place of serving and is now serving in two ministries in the church.

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Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church is a Biblical community, in which people from all walks of life join together to worship our amazing God, grow in knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ,  connect with one another to find acceptance and friendship in the Body of believers, and then scatter to serve the world and our community in order to build God’s Kingdom here on earth.