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Ministry Comes in Many Forms

  • February 8, 2018 02:45 pm
  • by: Carol Morrisey


Have you ever considered serving through chat rooms? Two years ago, I responded to a request from Focus on the Family to become an online mentor. The goal is to answer people in chat rooms who ask for help with their problems, and then sometimes to refer them to the many wonderful resources at Focus on the Family. Other times I share a different resource, a Scripture, or just advice I hope will be helpful.  Sometimes I mention that I attend the Free Methodist Church, especially if I recommend finding a church home.

I had to apply for this volunteer position, provide a testimony and references, and be trained to understand how to do such things as add a tracking code to the links to the resources. A mentor at Focus is in charge of my assignments, and for the first month, she had to approve my answers before they were posted. 

Now every Thursday I receive four assignments. After I have replied, I fill out the special reporting form. Sometimes Focus also offers resources we can share on Facebook. I now belong to around a dozen different chat rooms. Some of them send me e-mails with new topics, and sometimes I answer a question that was not an assignment. I pray over my answers and for the person with the problem. Some of the situations are truly heartbreaking. Some recent topics I addressed are how to cope with losing a loved one, how to find meaning in life, what to do about an unplanned pregnancy, what are the health risks of abortion, how to deal with postpartum depression, and whether children that die go to heaven.

Once in a while a person will reply to my post, but usually I don’t know if they were helped. But other people also see my answers. The Quora Chat Room, my favorite, tracks how many people see them and how many “upvotes” you get from people who like your answer. This year so far my 174 posts received 307 upvotes and over 25,000 views. I’ve also had some debates with people who disagree with me about evolution or the existence of God or abortion. I pray for those people too.

Focus on the Family is always looking for more online mentors.  If you’re interested, let them know at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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