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Music Speaks

  • October 10, 2017 10:13 am

Pat Harbottle
Many hymns and songs have encouraged me in different situations throughout my life, reminding me of the One who cares most for me. However, Great is Thy Faithfulness best expresses how I feel about all He has done for me. “All I have needed Thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.” Even when I don’t deserve it, His faithfulness is proven in my life.

Carol Morrisey
More than 20 years ago, a friend was dying of cancer. She was a devout Mormon. As I prayed, prior to visiting her, the Lord brought Jesus Paid it All to mind and told me to sing it to her. Despite not being a good singer, I sang it and she appreciated it. Later I had a friend record that song and other hymns for my friend, and I was told she played them over and over the last week of her life. I hope to see her in heaven.

Joyce Burk ties specific songs to trying times in her life.
1963 - Annie (14 months), leukemia - Only Believe
1969 – Dick, crushed on tractor; broke hip/pelvis - One Day at a Time
1974 – Dick, fell and in coma for three weeks - I Need Thee Every Hour
1981 – Myself, major surgery - couldn’t sleep five weeks, allergic to anesthesia - Rock of Ages
Today – Sister Pam, brain surgery; can’t open eye, still in pain - Trust & Obey

Jeff Hicks
I Surrender All by Clay Crosse helped me make a decision to follow Christ.

Jeni Khon
Our family has been in crisis the last two years. In the midst of it, I developed a relationship with God that is more personal than I had experienced in the first 50 years of my Christian walk. This journey has helped me realize how very near God is to me when I cannot hear, see, or feel Him. I’ve experienced a sense of something greater than myself and my circumstances that proves that God is in everything He allows on this earth. I no longer fear unthinkable circumstances because God is in all and He will be glorified through it all. Songs that helped me take my eyes off my circumstances and focus on Who He is are In the Eye of the Storm, Through All of It, Jesus, Only Jesus, You Stand Alone, I stand amazed, and The Highest Praise.

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