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Pizza, Jesus and the Class of 2017

  • July 5, 2017 07:13 pm
  • by: Ellie Brugger, 2017 Graduate


During my time in high school, I have learned a significant lesson about my faith and life in general, which I will attempt to explain in a tasty, if not tasteful, analogy.

I am a firm believer in Jesus. I am also a firm believer in pizza. Pizza pops up in different flavors and sizes and at odd times. Jesus also shows himself in a variety ways and can appear anywhere.  Most of the time I have to go and buy my pizza, just like I need to make an effort when it comes to Jesus. To really enjoy good pizza, I have to have to put in time and energy to make sure it is the best possible pizza. And to truly benefit from a relationship with Christ, I have to take the time to pray and read my Bible. Also, when I’ve had an amazing slice of pizza, I’m going to tell people about it - where to get it, how to get there, and perhaps even schedule a time so we can go together. More importantly, as I look to my future, I will want pizza, but I need Jesus to get through college (and the rest of my life).

So, on behalf of the class of 217, I’d like to thank our church family as we embark on a new chapter of our lives. You have watched us grow up, supported us along the way, and we are extremely grateful for that. In this last year, we have made some big decisions about where to go and what to do - many of which are bound to change in the months to come. Please pray that the Lord will grant us perseverance in our studies, steadfastness in our faith, and discretion in our actions, give us courage to grow, and strength to hold on to our roots while learning how to live authentically. Your encouragement, support, prayers, and pizzas are greatly appreciated!

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