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Standing Up

  • August 7, 2017 08:08 am
  • by: Hannah Miller, Student

The Hannahs

The Free Methodist Youth Conference (FMYC) was by far the most life-changing trip I’ve been on with the Edge. I grew closer to my friends and met so many new people it was so fun! I also grew closer to the Lord and He changed and challenged me spiritually.

The evening service was when I felt the Holy Spirit moving among us the most. Partially because of Phil Manginelli. The way he spoke about his experiences and God was so passionate and mesmerizing that it made me want to have that kind of relationship with God. During one of the evening services, Phil asked all the young women who felt a call from the Lord to go into ministry to stand. Only a few girls stood up. I felt something settle on my heart. I wanted to stand but I was too scared to. Then Phil said that he knew there were others and told us to not be afraid to stand. God kept pushing on my heart so I stood up. Phil asked those around the standing girls to lay hands on us. As I was prayed over, I felt the Holy Spirit just completely enveloping me. It was amazing. Phil finished by praying a prayer of protection and strength over us and I felt completely at peace. The bishops, Phil, and a few lady leaders followed up with us the next day during lunch and we talked and prayed together.

FMYC was just an overall amazing experience.

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