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Stuffing is not just for Thanksgiving

  • February 23, 2017 02:21 pm
  • by: Kathy Cole


Every Sunday when you arrive at church you are warmly greeted at the door and handed a weekly bulletin. Did you ever wonder about the process that brings the Sunday bulletin to you? Office staff members create, print, and cut inserts to place in the bulletins. The bulletins are also compiled, printed and folded by office staff. On Thursday the bulletins and inserts are delivered to Arbor Oaks – ready for stuffing. 

During the Friday morning activity time at Arbor Oaks a group of residents assemble and place the inserts in the bulletins. They work quietly and quickly around tables. Each individual has three stacks: the bulletin, the resonate, and the response sheet. Activity director, Pam Brown, oversees the operation.  Dolores Clark, one of the willing volunteers, comes with experience. She used to work in a church office in Wisconsin. Glenn Hamilton is also well acquainted with church functions. He accepted his first pastoral appointment in 1940.

Here’s a big Thank You to these volunteers at Arbor Oaks for dedicating their time and energy to stuff our bulletins—a service that truly makes a difference. 

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