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Church Elections

  • All day April 23, 2017
  • Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church - Fellowship Area

Society Elections

Every year our “Society” (made up of those who have officially become Covenant Partners of the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church) votes for our Board of Ministry leaders and Delegates to the Annual Conference of the Southern Michigan Conference.

Board of Ministry is made up of nine members serving staggered three-year terms. We will be electing seven of those members this year, and Brian Philson and Bobby Pratt will remain on the Board through the end of their terms in 2018.

Annual Conference Delegates are elected for one year, to serve as representatives to the Annual Conference. Southern Michigan Conference is where the legislative process of the Conference (made up of 36 Free Methodist churches in the region) takes place. You will be electing five delegates and four reserve delegates (who will fill in if a delegate is unable to serve). Under our new by-laws, the Board of Ministry will appoint three from the Board to serve as delegates.

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